Seven routes along Russian northern ground Kargopol with historical-architectural and art museum.



The book is devoted to the historical and cultural landscape of the Kargopol district, formed in unique socio-economic and environmental conditions.
In the XVI-XVIII centuries Kargopolsky County was a major economic and cultural center of the Russian North: actively developing trade in timber, salt, fish, fur, leather and pottery; the production of printed books and manuscripts was organized in monasteries as well as  icon-painting workshops. In addition, the Kargopol District became Old Believer settlements center of the Russian north. However, in the 19th century, the railway was built 80 km from the city and a thriving area remained aloof from the major highways. It became quiet cultural province, often inaccessible and forgotten by all.
The edition is a more than 800-page illustrated book. More than 100 photos by Kirill Ovchinnikov are included in the book. They were taken throughout the year along all seven routes of Kargopol. “My main task was to catch the atmosphere of the Russian north, the cultural and natural environment in which people live. People who preserved the unique exhibits of the life and architecture of Kargopol.”
You can also find a collection of Kargopol museum here in the book - church utensils, liturgical books, clothing, textiles, icons, copper casting, rare archival photos of the late XIX-early XX century.
The material is integrated into seven chapters, each of which is a trip along one of the seven roads radiating from Kargopol in different directions. The book is a combination of efforts of specialists from different spheres - historians, art historians, ethnographers, photographers and folklorists from universities and museums of Kargopol, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Arkhangelsk, Petrozavodsk.
Awards: Book of the Year 2014. Nomination ‘ art book’.
Chief Editor - Lily Khafizova
Art Director - Evgeny Korneev
Project Director - Sergey Umnov
Photographers: Kirill Ovchinnikov, Sergey Melikhov
 Potanin Charity Fund. The program is the first publication.
1000 copies





This book is dedicated to the project of the 16th century ancient villa reconstruction finished in 2013. The architects of the project are Nina Proudnikova, Philippe and Peter Yushin. Photos by Kirill Ovchinnikov. Layout by A.Razumovsky.
 This is a book of 150 pages which includes about 100 architectural and interior photos.
The villa is located in the commune of Castelnuovo Berardenga in the province of Sienna. Italy.


The book is printed in Seal Gallery
(Galereja pechati ). Saint Petersburg. 2015.